Why Now is a Great Time to Buy a Park City Rental Property

Rising Rental Rates economic-and-housing-outlook-lawrence-yun-2015-11-13

The media has picked up the fact that home ownership rates are low among “Millennials”. What is less apparent is what a boon this is for potential real estate investors. Last month, I attended the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Annual Convention. A highlight was listening to NAR”s Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun, Ph.D., share his thoughts and predictions about the real estate market. These slides and this blog are taken from his presentation.

Rental Vacancy Rates economic-and-housing-outlook-lawrence-yun-2015-11-13

In his presentation, Dr. Yun mentioned that during the recent economic downturn, there was very little new construction. This has resulted in lower inventory and fewer affordable homes available, especially for first time home buyers. First time home buyers also have a hard time qualifying for financing as 41% have student loan debt of $25,000 or more. Finally, competition from vacation buyers and investors paying cash has made it more difficult for first time home buyers to compete when there are multiple offers. For these reasons, there is an historic low home ownership rate of young people under 35 years of age.

Home ownership rates are falling and predicted to fall even further. This makes buying and holding long term rental property a great investment strategy. The pool of qualified renters has never been better and rental rates are predicted to continue rising. There are some great rental properties available in the Park City area. In addition to solid rental income, Park City properties have seen solid appreciation over the past several years. Contact me at 435.901.0659 to learn how you can leverage this national economic trend to your advantage.


Corn on the Cob: the essential summer memory

Corncobs and meat on grillThere aren’t many foods that can conjure up a more pleasant image of summertime than corn on the cob (at least in the United States). Many people have grown up eating it alongside hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and watermelon. A “barbeque” (as people outside the South would call it) wouldn’t be complete without an ear of corn slathered in butter with a generous grind of black pepper and sprinkle of kosher salt.

With one humble ear of corn we can travel back to a time of pool parties, lightning bugs and casual games of badminton, horseshoes or whatever your family’s game of choice. It’s hard not to smile, thinking about that simpler time.

English: Jack Johnson performing at the 2008 B...

For those who relate to emotions through music like I do, Jack Johnson said it best when he wrote, “and there were so many fewer questions when stars were still just the holes to heaven.” Corn on the cob brings us back to that much-needed youthful reminiscence as we live in this 24-hour age of over-communication and overcrowding.

As we get along in life, we realize that those moments are essential. We need to continue to share them with future generations so we as a society don’t forget about what should important to us.

That being said, I encourage you to go to your local farmers market this week, say hello to your local farmers and buy some corn.  Invite some friends over and sip some wine or beer as you chat over a luscious ear of corn and make new memories.

To help get you started, I thought I’d share a few of the ways I like to eat corn on the cob. I’m sure there aren’t any new recipes here, but maybe this list will inspire you to try something different.

  • Roasted CornTraditional – you know this one well, butter, salt and pepper. The twist on this one is to buy small farm, handmade butter. You’ll notice the difference.
  •  Smoked – this one is for those smoker-afficiandos:  par-boil corn, then rub with olive oil and green onions and smoke for  an hour at 225 degrees.
  •  Mexican-inspired – this one is all about adding flavor, which includes slathering the grilled cob with a mixture of crema and cilantro, a spritz of lime juice and a dusting of chili powder and cotija cheese.
  • Greek-inspired – brush a luscious mixture of melted butter, feta cheese, lemon juice and mint onto grilled cobs.

If you’d like to share any of your favorite recipes, please include them in the comments below. We love new food experiences.

Happy summertime memories.



The Park City area is currently being featured on a PBS (Public Broadcasting Service television travel show called “Getting Away

image001Together”. It is season #2 for the show, and the first 25+ minute episode of the new season takes place right here in our scenic mountain community. This episode features three couples from Arizona who, looking for an escape from the 116 degree heat of Phoenix, come to the cool summer destination of Park City. Many Park City Chamber/Bureau members and summer activities are featured, and the show provides a great showcase of why the Park City area is a great summer vacation destination.

To watch and enjoy the Park City episode of Getting Away Together online, please click here.



We Love Park City Photo Contest

Do you love Park City? Do you love photography? We are looking for beautiful pictures depicting life here in our unique mountain town. You do not need to be a professional photographer to enter. Whether you like the architecture, the mountain scenery, or the many art, cultural or outdoor activities our area has to offer, enter your best photos of life in Park City, UT now.


Park City to the middle of Costa Rica in 20 hours

Can’t say I enjoyed that. Maybe it’s because it’s been a while since travelling solo to a foreign place with little sleep, little food, lots of rain and even more darkness. Maybe it’s because it’s everything I sought out for? Maybe it’s because i just left 3 feet of the Greatest Snow on Earth?  As usual, it was an epic.


Jumping in a little orange Hyundai taxi I asked the driver to gun it. I want to make the 2:30 bus for San Isidro General

and leave San Jose behind as its not a favorite place to spend time. Like an F-1 race car, we zip in and out of traffic, sometimes missing sea blue and yellow buses by the skin of our teeth. Motorcyclists line the gaps between cars at every stop light and sometimes line the sidewalks.

Ten minutes into my harrowing escape from San Jose, were stuck in traffic. Five minutes later, we move a car length. I see 2:14 on the dashboard, a bus to our left, a train to our right, miles of cars in front of us and a motorcycle jump the curb and around all of this.


Thinking the same thing I ask Roy the driver,

“Donde estacion por el bus?”

“3 o 4 kilometers, mas o menos”

“Ok. Yo carrer.” I’ll run. Seems like the normal thing to do upon arriving in Costa Rica. The last time I ran in 85 degrees and 85% humidity to catch a ferry. This time, it’s 78 degrees, 100% humidity and 100% pouring rain. After all, it is the ‘wet season’ here.

Looking over his right shoulder, Ray breaks out his perfect English,

“In the rain? You are going to run in this?”

I hand him 14,000 colones, grab my bag, jump out of the car with nothing more than jeans, a sweatshirt and my lucky 1995 blue gray and maroon quiksilver ski hat, into the driving rain and listen to Ray as I poke my head thru the passenger side window,For reasons unknown, running is a normal response. Some things never die.

“6 blocks direcca. 5 blocks isquierda. Cross the train tracks. 1km a terminale, direcca. Primera stop light, isquierda. 200 metres el bus ea en su direcca.” Sounds like me trying to speak Spanish.

“Gracias Ray.”

I fold up my jeans and take off across broken concrete sidewalks and splash almost every puddle. Six blocks and there’s been an accident, the cause of the jam. Policia and ambulancias have everything blocked off around an SUV that t-boned a little red taxi. I run around the accident, across some train tracks make a left, a right, another left and slide into the bus station sopping wet and buy myself a ticket for the 3:30 bus. Four minutes late.

Five hours later, the Musoc bus rolls into San Isidro de General, a sketchy place according to my brother who spent some time here 6 years earlier. Confirmed by 3 people at the Agua Termales today. It’s like dealing with the paparazzi when you walk off a bus in Central America.


“Taxi? Taxi? Mi amigo, taxi?”

No, I really need to go to the bathroom.I blindly scurry into a mercado filled with candy, coca cola, chips and Costa Rican trinkets. “Taxi?”

Growing some balls, I walk out under the street lights of San Isidro and jump in a 4×4 taxi and say “San Gerardo de Rivas, por favor.”

An hour later and numerous openings of the sky above, the truck rattles up a steep,

rocky and dirt road to Hotel Roca Dura where I’m greeted by a friendly Luis Hernandez, the sounds of Vanilla Ices “ice ice baby” the smooth taste of an Imperial lager and a much needed plate of salty homemade fries and a burger.

Word to your motha. I’m out.

Oregano Essential Oil Wipes Out Stepdad’s Flu!

Me, Jeff, Mom, Eddy

My stepfather, Eddy (pictured here on far right with my mom and Jeff at our wedding) has an incredible story to tell.  I was supposed to be in Salt Lake this morning to pick my mom up at the airport.  We had a mother/daughter visit planned for the next week or so.  Much to my sadness, my mom called me yesterday to tell me that she had to cancel her trip. Eddy had woken up with a horrible case of the flu.  He was shaking with a spiked temperature and was unable to get out of bed.  My mom, being a devoted,  loving, and thoughtful spouse felt she could not leave him in his current state.  She was not able to make the trip out to Utah.  I understood her position and we hung up the phone with hopes of rescheduling our visit.
I immediately called her back after thinking about how to bring Eddy back to health as quickly as possible.  I have been using essential oils for a year now as both preventative medicine and to treat symptoms that arise. I told my mom to “pump” Eddy full of both oregano oil and a blend called “On Guard” which has a powerful combo of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary, and wild orange.  He took both internally and my mom rubbed both oils on the bottoms of his feet about 4 times yesterday.
Eddy woke up this morning, ate some steal cut oats, took  the dogs out, and simply went about his morning.  Has anyone heard of such a fast recovery from the flu?  I love Eddy, but he isn’t a spring chicken any more!  The flu can be dangerous for older (sorry, Eddy) people and can put a real damper on any person’s week.  Eddy is better after one day.  Period.
A note on essential oils:  Not all essential oils are created equal.  Most can not be taken internally.  The oils that I use are the only ones on the market that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).  If you have any questions about these essential oils and want to incorporate them into them management of your health please contact me!


Cook Less, Eat healthier

Many of us love to cook, yet most of us don’t have the time to cook daily.  I have a secret for you:  You can cook once or twice in one work week, eat healthy every single day, and save money.
Living up in Tollgate Canyon fits with who I am.  I feel at peace up here with the animals, the wind, and the silence.  There are, of course, obstacles that come with life in the hills.  One thing that I wasn’t ready for was the haul down to Park City for errands and work.  The drive is just long enough to make coming back up the windy, dirt road for lunch totally unappetizing!  I had to learn how to manage this new lifestyle.  My first attempt was to eat out at my favorite local health food store every day.  I felt great because I was eating clean and healthy food, but my bank account was feeling a little less healthy.  I realized that I’d have to make more of an effort to prepare my lunch at home and bring it with me.   After many mediocre attempts, I finally figured out the best plan.  I try and cook on Sunday and then maybe on Friday.  Here is my protocol:

1-      Cook a big pot of any whole grain (Quinoa, brown rice, millet, wild rice, etc..)
2-      Cook a big pot of beans (or just buy in cans- of course cooking them from scratch
is less costly)
3-      Prepare some roasted/steamed/raw veggies
4-      Bring an avocado
5-      If you are a meat eater, prepare some lean meat that will last for a day or so
6-      Always have salad greens in fridge
7-      Always have almonds in my bag as a healthy snack
8-      Cook a big pot of soup that you can eat all week long:Here is a killer recipe I recently found:


Between the grains, beans/meat, and vegetables I have a healthy lunch every single day.  You can change it up by adding different condiments like nutritional yeast, Gomasio (sesame seeds and sea salt), dulce flakes (seaweed that doesn’t taste fishy!), goat/feta cheese, olives etc… Another bonus to cooking whole grains in bulk is that you can use them for a hearty, warming breakfast cereal in the morning.  Mix with any kind of milk, dried fruit, nuts, a little honey and you’re set!

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